Global Data

Haver’s global data offering is unparalleled in terms of coverage, quality and organization. We are the premier provider of time series data for the global strategy, research and quant communities. We deliver primary-sourced databases, a wealth of key survey and forecast data from our industry partners, and a robust offering of archive databases that drive machine learning for big data applications.

We continuously display up-to-the-minute data from over 2500 government and private sources via integration with Microsoft Office and all leading statistical packages through our DLX® software and platform-independent HaverViewTM site.

Precision is the cornerstone of our data offering. All data we deliver runs through robust quality processes overseen by highly experienced database managers who are specialists in the content they manage, develop and support.


  • Archive Databases from Haver’s Data Warehouse provide terabytes of time series and meta data.
  • The data are true snapshots of DLX databases unrevised from the point in time of update.
  • Monthly snapshots of primary sourced databases from 2000 or inception for the database by Haver.
  • Weekly snapshots from 2007 or point of inception for the database.


  • New academic module for Universities providing over 120,000 economic and financial time series for the U.S. and UK.
  • Key categories include National Account (GDP), Production, Labour Market, Inflation, Monetary/Fiscal Policy and International Trade.
  • High-frequency data covering financial variables and drivers of the real economy and key ESG environmental indicators.
  • Plus, time series from the IMF on 190+ countries to aid cross comparison.




Haver offers a complete set of integrated software for maintaining up-to-the second DLX databases, viewing and manipulating the data for detailed analysis, and tools that allow the data to be used in a variety of econometric packages. Haver’s data services are provided through the DLX platform, HaverView™ and database feeds; delivering tools for data management, visualization, modeling and publishing.

All delivery platforms are designed to increase productivity; including integration with Microsoft Office, statistical software package including R, Python and RESTful API via HaverView™.

DLX Software

  • Cloud-based or client server access to all Haver DLX databases
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office and open-source statistical packages
  • Supports client-proprietary data


  • Platform Independent site delivering DLX Databases across any workstation or device
  • RESTful API access supporting data scientist machine learning application
  • Data visualization, analytics and export and sharing files and graphics
  • DLX Archive Database products delivered via HaverView

DLX Database Feeds & Client Hosted Data

  • Flexible file database feed to manage DLX data for in-house application tools
  • DLX Databases managed by clients or by Haver to integrate proprietary client data



Haver Analytics offers RESTful API access to our full complement of updating and archive databases via HaverView. Designed for the growing demands of Big Data analytics, the HaverView site offers data scientists, quants and economists alike the ability to intersect the rich DLX database offerings with proprietary data to reveal hidden states.

Haver supports opensource integration via the DLX platform for R & Python. DLX has been designed for productive research and publishing via component application DLXVG3 which delivers precision graphics, analytic tools, and easy navigation of DLX databases.

Traditional integration with Microsoft Office and statistical packages MatLab, SAS, E-views and Stata are supported as well as vendor supported DLX API.


To find out more about our full offering, or to schedule a demonstration of our software and analytical tools, please reach out via this form.

Delivering precision data for 45+ years and counting.

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